Things You Should Know

Scheduled for 2010:

January: Citizens Police Academy
A 10 week course that covers many of the aspects of a police officer's day.

Spring: Hunter Safety Course

April: CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
A 20 hour course dsigned by FEMA to prepare citizens to cope with disasters.

May: Shred/DUMP Program
Bring your personal papers to shred and your unwanted prescription medications to dispose of properly.

August: National Night Out

November: Women's Self Defense Safety Course
A six hour course designed for women and teenage girls.

December: Santa Comes to German Twp.
Bring the kids for free photos with Santa, hot cocoa, and cookies.

Speed Limit on Township Road

By state law, the speed limit on roads in German Township is 55 unless otherwise posted. 


The German Township Police Department would like to urge all residents of the township who have cellular telephones to enter the word "ICE" into their cellular telephone address book with the name and number of the person to be contacted "In Case of Emergency."

Police officers, emergency medical personnel, and hospital staff now check cellular telephones in an effort to identify emergency contact persons if you are unable to do so.

Please consider adding several people using ICE-1, ICE-2, and ICE-3. That way emergency personnel will have other people to contact in case the first person isnít available.